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Reduce Waste
Restaurant Operations Intelligence

Three ways Restaurant Operations Intelligence can work for you:



Review your sales data every day without the need to run a report.



Get ahead of your kitchen planning and reduce scrambling for items not prepped.



Quickly place accurate orders and gain instant visibility into historical purchases and invoices.

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Optimize Prep
An accurate item sales forecast is critical to properly preparing the right amount of food for each day. Knowing the menu mix and expected sales by menu item helps drive proper food prep. Avero’s Prep Calculator converts historical sales of your menu items into an accurate estimate of how much of each product you’ll need to serve each day to meet customer demand. 

Improve Operations
Gain a more thorough understanding of how much business to expect each day, how many and which items are likely to sell, how many servers to schedule, and how to plan for exceptional guest service. With Avero, you’ll get the data needed to make informed business decisions that empower your servers, resulting in higher overall check averages.

Streamline Inventory & Ordering
It takes you hours each week to place food orders, and even then, how do know exactly what to order, when you should place an order, or if you even started with an accurate inventory count? Avero uses proprietary algorithms and technology to compare POS data to a sales forecast and inventory on-hand, generating a suggested purchase for each vendor.

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US Foods | Value Added Services
Value Added Services

US Foods | Value Added Services
Value Added Services

US Foods | Value Added Services